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My MISSION: to serve District 29 and the state of Arkansas with a commitment and level of service that is second to none.



Fredrick is committed to working with the Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Department of Human Services, and private health care providers to ensure every Arkansan has access to quality, affordable healthcare. Fredrick is committed to creating policy and finding resources to ensure that each Arkansan has the best quality of life through assessable, affordable, and adequate preventative and comprehensive healthcare services.


Fredrick is committed to working with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the Arkansas Governor’s office to promote entrepreneurship, create jobs with higher incomes than the national average, and increase the number of workers with post-secondary job training.


Fredrick is committed to working with Arkansas Department of Education and Arkansas Education Association to ensure every child in Arkansas has a world-class education. Fredrick is committed to working with ADE and the Governor’s office to provide the resources and policies to ensure the Arkansas educational system continues to improve.


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What our Community is saying!

Way to Go Representative Frederick Love with your support and help with passing the ABLE Act!! This will benefit my autistic son and others with disabilities tremendously.

image01Name | RMeta Lock

What our Community is saying!

Thank you Rep. Love for keeping our community up to date. I really wish more of our community politicians would follow your lead. They don't understand we are the ones who put them in and they will want to get voted in again.

image01Name | Derick Brooks

What our Community is saying!

Thank you for keeping your finger on the pulse of your constituents, providing essential information and keeping it plain and simple.

image01Name | Pat Percy Banks